For those of you planning or dreading rhinoplasty, it may serve as a relief to learn that you’re in good company. When you search the Internet for celebrity nose jobs, it’s full of generally famou
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Old Tex was having a rough time. He was continually walking into fence posts, shoveling substances other than hay to his livestock (phew!) and having trouble distinguishing between MaryBelle (his wife
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If you’re considering plastic surgery and still in the decision-making process, you might want to know the latest trends and directions from the last few years. Surprisingly, plastic surgery has had
It’s a frosty winter day and you’ve run out of creative and productive things to do with your time. You’ve decided that instead of playing with Legos or Lincoln Logs, you’re going to build a r
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Because you’ve landed here, it’s likely that you’re planning or considering a rhinoplasty or other facial surgery and you wear glasses. There is also a good possibility that you have some anxiet
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Are you one of the people who believe this outdated information? If you do, you might also be thinking that all cars have clutches or that your bicycle has to have a basket to be safe. Maybe it’s ti
Your nose is too big. Your nose is too small. Or it’s too round, too flat, too long, too short or too weird. Your forehead is wrong, your cheeks are too pronounced, and so on. You begin the meetings
It was a fifth-grade literacy and vocabulary class. Mrs. Wordright made it a point to have students bring in their own words to stump fellow students. “Perspicacious,” volunteered the first studen
Poor little Fanny Far-Sighted. She was the typical third-grader, more excited about recess and art than math and social studies. But unlike many of her peers, little Fanny was far-sighted and had to w
What did we do if we wore glasses and had to undergo rhinoplasty or other facial surgeries? This was in the days before RhinoShields and the terrific, ingenious protection that they provide. The worst