You’ve decided to proceed with your rhinoplasty. Those around you have persuaded you that there is nothing wrong with a bit of vanity. Everything is ready, the doctor has prepared you for what is to
For the sake of not taking ourselves or our vanity too seriously, let’s back up a minute and take a fresh look at rhinoplasty. Yes, we know that you are not necessarily undergoing the rhinoplasty to
Whether you’ve just experienced a rhinoplasty or you’re about to do so, there are probably a number of facts that you didn’t know about your rhinoplasty procedure. While we don’t expect you to
You’re having a rhinoplasty. That’s about all you know at this point. Your doctor has outlined the procedures, the estimated time for healing and the traditional warnings. But beyond that, you mus
Cosmetic Surgery Trends
Cosmetic surgery is an area that is constantly evolving. Each year patients have more choices for getting the appearance that they want for their faces and bodies. Procedures are also becoming easier
A double chin is often a result of excess weight or of getting older. Doing facial exercises or eating right may not be enough for eliminating the unwanted fat of a double chin. But with the help of s
Rhinoplasty, also called nose reshaping, is one of the most often requested surgery procedures. There are several reasons why a patient might want to change the look of his or her current nose and get
Recovery From Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery
Your rhinoplasty surgeon will discuss your nose surgery and what to expect during the nose job recovery time. Including aftercare tips about your rhinoplasty recovery. People heal differently but it i
Rhinoplasty Results
  • September 30, 2016
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Rhinoplasty creates a permanent change to a nose and patients should be as prepared as possible before the procedure by doing research and talking to their surgeon to know what to expect. Here are som