You are already familiar with the serious side of rhinoplasty. It requires a cosmetic or other type of surgeon, a stay in the hospital and some time to heal. You’re also aware that the advantages of
If you’re in the process of planning rhinoplasty or other cosmetic surgery, you’re likely to be in one category or another. You’re doing it for purely cosmetic reasons or because your doctor has
Once upon a time there was a young girl named Penelope. She was a sweet and intelligent girl who attended school every day, worked very hard and completed all of her homework on time. Her teachers kne
Once upon a time a young boy named Smart Nose was walking through the forest. He wasn’t looking for anything or anyone in particular but thought he would spend the day admiring the trees and flowers
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If you’re considering plastic surgery and still in the decision-making process, you might want to know the latest trends and directions from the last few years. Surprisingly, plastic surgery has had
It’s a frosty winter day and you’ve run out of creative and productive things to do with your time. You’ve decided that instead of playing with Legos or Lincoln Logs, you’re going to build a r