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RhinoShield® is a flexible, translucent device which allows patients to comfortably wear glasses, immediately following rhinoplasty, septoplasty and other facial  surgeries. Even the heaviest of frames feel weightless due to the type of silicone we use  in our innovative, anti-slip, nose support.  

Unique and Affordable

Easy to use, RhinoShield® rests on the bridge of your nose, keeping your glasses from touching your  face.  We have reasonably priced pricing for physicians and patients.

Protect Your Patient’s Nose Surgery

Cosmetic nose procedures are more popular than ever before; according to an American Society of Plastic Surgeons report,  over 225,000 people had a nose reshaping last year. With surgeries often $5k and higher, it’s vital to protect your investment—by using RhinoShield® you can do just that!



In the weeks after rhinoplasty, septoplasty, nose injury, or other facial plastic surgery, doctors advise their patients to avoid wearing their glasses for at least two months. The idea of wearing glasses can be painful or simply impossible to fit well. This is why a product like RhinoShield® is so important.

Our innovative product protects the soft cartilage from creating permanent indentations to the bridge of the nose. RhinoShield® distributes the weight of a patient’s glasses, making them feel weightless.


RhinoShield® – the only product of its kind – is committed to making people feel comfortable with wearing glasses after rhinoplasty or facial surgery. We are proud to debut a versatile product that is suitable for all aspects of post surgical healing.

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Anjel Gunnarshaug is the founder and president of Norscan Medical. Established in 1994, Anjel has consistently grown her business, dedicating herself to the health care industry.

Norscan was the first company to successfully introduce Laminaria Hyperborea cervical dilators to the OBGYN market in the United States. In its latest initiative, Norscan launched RhinoShield, a unique and revolutionary product for rhinoplasty and other facial surgery patients. This is the only product on the market that allows patients to wear glasses following surgery while eliminating the risk of damage to sensitive tissues.


You can view our complete video presentation here. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

THE PRODUCT – Rhinoshield®

RhinoShield® is a translucent device that is physician-recommended, affordable and innovative. It allows you to wear glasses following facial surgeries such as rhinoplasty, maintaining clear vision while reducing swelling and eliminating indentations on the nose.


The flexible design and unique silicone material is the reason why it works so well.


Allows patient to resume normal habits and lifestyle immediately after surgery.


RhinoShield® is almost transparent and virtually undetectable.


Size decreases with healing = less and less noticeable.

Each Box Includes: 2x large, 2x medium & 2x small Rhinoshields

*RhinoShield® is available with all 6 shields the same size or customized for returning customers and medical practitioners who are familiar with the sizing. Contact us to inquire.

Rhinoplasty Protection for Patients Post Rhinoplasty & Facial Surgery - Rhinoshield   Rhinoplasty Protection for Patients Post Rhinoplasty & Facial Surgery - Rhinoshield   Rhinoplasty Protection for Patients Post Rhinoplasty & Facial Surgery - Rhinoshield


As you heal, RhinoShield® will adapt to your reduced swelling. Each box contains six RhinoShield™ products, two each of small, medium and large. These will be suitable for any facial type or structure.

RhinoShield® is UV resistant but because it’s translucent, some UV rays will reach your nose. Be very careful about the sun’s rays and use common sense regarding sunscreens and other protection.

Absolutely. Any surgery affecting your eyes, nose or face can benefit from the lightweight, translucent benefits of RhinoShield®. They will allow you to wear your glasses with ease. And RhinoShield® is small and virtually undetectable.

Anyone who wears glasses will immediately benefit from RhinoShield® after a rhinoplasty or other facial surgery. It’s affordable, easy to use and works effectively without the need for adjustments, adhesives, or add-ons.

Mix warm water and a small amount of baking soda. Gently rub it on RhinoShield® with your fingers and rinse with cold water.

We believe in providing maximum value to our customers through affordable solutions. This is accomplished by providing the three sizes that will be used as swelling decreases.

We recommend you store your RhinoShield® in your eyeglass case or the beautifully designed box we created for your convenience.

A Story Worth Telling

The catalyst behind creating Rhinoshield® was having my rhinoplasty (and subsequent revisions). These surgical experiences lead directly to the development of RhinoShield®.

Following my surgery, I was sitting in the waiting room of a renowned plastic surgeon. A patient called the office to ask the receptionist how to handle the need for wearing eyeglasses after surgery. I heard her tell the patient to tape glasses to her forehead. This seemed like an inconvenient suggestion, especially when I considered how many times I take my glasses on and off throughout the day.

Because I have always been innovative, I began to imagine better, more convenient solutions. If the best plastic surgeon suggested this strategy, I was certain that nothing better was on the market.

After considerable trial and error, I identified the perfect raw material and design to solve the problem. If you’re a mother, you can identify with giving birth to your first child. The development of RhinoShield® was this type of birth and something that I am passionate about making available to you. This exceptional US-made product is now available to the general public. You can order online or request them from your surgeon.

With love,


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