Permanent Eye Color Change

3 Ways to Achieve Permanent Eye Color Change

Changing eye color is a dramatic way to achieve an attractive facial appearance. Previously, colored contact lenses were the only options available to change eye color, albeit on a temporary basis. However, with recent advances in technology, it has now become possible to create long-lasting eye color modifications. In this article, we examine 3 permanent eye color change solutions and what to expect from them.

1. Artificial Iris Implantation (Iris Implant Surgery)
Eye color is determined by a ring-shaped membrane called the iris that is found just behind the cornea of the eye. In an Iris Implant Surgery, a medical grade silicone implant is transplanted into an incision created in the cornea and positioned carefully to cover the natural iris. The operation is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under topical anesthesia.

Although the surgery was originally developed to resolve medical concerns, it is often used for aesthetic reasons. The procedure, however, is not without risk. It can involve complications and is not currently approved for use in the United States.

2. Laser Surgery
Laser surgery options are currently available to change dark eye colors to light eye colors, more specifically, brown eyes to blue.  Brown eyes are actually blue eyes with a layer of pigmentation on the surface that create the effect of brown eyes. Laser surgery aims to eliminate the pigmentation layer. However, the actual blue color reveals itself only over a course of a few weeks while the body slowly gets rid of the pigmented tissue.

The eye color surgery takes less than a minute to perform and is painless. Because it is a relatively new procedure and the intensity of the laser involved is low, it is considered to be fairly safe, according to preliminary studies. Laser eye color surgery is expected to be more widely available over the next few years for commercial use.

Costs for permanent eye color change surgery vary considerably, based on many different factors including region, the type of technique being used, doctor, facility, postoperative care and availability of insurance.

3. Color Changing Eye Drops
Color changing eye drops are a considerably less expensive non-surgical alternative and are available in the market in a range of colors, depending on the product. This option can take up to 6 to 12 months to show results. Results can last for a few years or permanently, depending on the specific product. No side effects have been reported and organic options are available.

As with any type of cosmetic procedure, it is important to do your research, assess the risks involved and conduct a thorough cost evaluation before proceeding with permanent eye color change.