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The surgery store

We’re alive and well in the twenty-second century. Those who read about our ancestors learn all about the primitive procedures that they employed to self-improve. Can it be that rhinoplasty and nose jobs were complicated and often painful surgeries that required hospitalization?

Let’s come back to the present. You’ve decided that you’re unhappy with the way you look, especially because it doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. It’s time to make a trip to the Surgery Store and see what’s out there for your improved self-esteem.

Maybe it will be an eye color change. Or what about the growth enhancement? You’ve always wanted to be taller so maybe it’s time for the spine stretcher maneuver. It may require some new clothes but that’s the price you pay for adaptability.

Here’s the ticket just for you! It’s the cosmetic surgery booth and you can choose your new schnoz. Should it be straight and dignified? Should it be short and pert? Or should it be something more creative? All the available noses are on display. What you need to do is pick one, have a seat and let the magic commence.

Before you proceed, however, you ask the cosmetic surgeon about wearing your glasses after the procedure is complete. You still need to work, after all, and our technology hasn’t yet created invisible corrective lenses other than contacts.

Happily, someone long ago invented RhinoShields, a method by which you can resume wearing your eyeglasses immediately after surgery. Due to this creative and adaptable product, your sensitive (new) nose tissues are protected from any possible damages associated with wearing the glasses.

The decision has been made! It’s time for a new nose, a redesign of your face and the beginning of an enhanced identity. All we need to do now is use the Surgery Store apparatus to place each nose option on your face to see which one is the best. Isn’t technology terrific!