Celebrity nose jobs

If you’re in the process of planning rhinoplasty or other cosmetic surgery, you’re likely to be in one category or another. You’re doing it for purely cosmetic reasons or because your doctor has recommended it for a physical condition. No matter the reason, it might be fun to check out these lists to see the company in which you find yourself.

To begin, here’s a partial list of celebrities who have undergone rhinoplasty.

Britney Spears; Tom Cruise; Scarlett Johansson; Paris Hilton; Joan Rivers; Cameron Diaz; Nicole Kidman.

Now we have a new list of recognizable folks who have indulged in some form of cosmetic surgery:

Gwyneth Paltrow; Chrissy Teigen; Jessica Simpson; Courtney Cox; Christie Brinkley; Jamie Lee Curtis; Angelina Jolie; Cher; Robin Wright.

None of these should surprise you. While most of us would like to look younger, better or both, these are generally people who feel that they need to look their best, if only for professional reasons.

But here are some cosmetic processes with which you may not be familiar. While we can’t attest to the value or desirability of any of these, they may be fun to see.

Eye implants to change your iris color – if you’ve always wanted to have blue eyes, now’s your chance.

Beard transplants to enhance manliness – probably not for me but who’s to say?

Eyelash transplants that keep growing – not quite sure of the reason behind this other than pure vanity.

Palm alterations that change your fate – don’t like the future you seem to have in store for you, here’s a way (theoretically) to modify it.

“Pokertox” – botox specifically targeted to give you a perfect poker face.

Pointy Spock ear cropping; voice lifts; fake dimples; growing noses on foreheads;

Fake ears constructed of other body parts; tongue splitting; cheek reduction; eyebrow transplant; Vampire facelift; liplift; belly-button surgery; six pack creation; grin lift; chubby cheek surgery; jawline reduction.

If you were feeling vain about your rhinoplasty, just think of the many processes that you could have been doing. And if you wear glasses, don’t forget your RhinoShields that will be extremely valuable to your recovery.