Rhinoplasty Procedure

Aesthetic Reasons for Getting a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty, also called nose reshaping, is one of the most often requested surgery procedures. There are several reasons why a patient might want to change the look of his or her current nose and get a rhinoplasty procedure.  Understanding these specific reasons helps in choosing the right procedure for the patient.

Large or Long Noses
Having a large or long nose can cause unwanted attention and take the focus away from attractive features of the face such as beautiful eyes. Reducing a large or long nose to achieve a more balanced side and front view can require complex surgery. The nasal tip would be reduced and a smaller nose would be constructed.

Nose-Bridge Bump
Bumps on the nose, called nasal humps, can be various sizes and it is important to know by how much a patient wants the hump to be reduced. Some want it to be removed completely while others want to keep some of the hump for ethnic or family reasons.

Crooked Noses
A crooked nose can be caused by injury or hereditary reasons and can result in an asymmetrical face. Crooked noses are not easy to correct and should only be attempted by experienced cosmetic surgeons with substantial Rhinoplasty experience. The process usually involves resetting the nasal bones.

Pointed Noses
Pointed noses can be caused by extra cartilage at the nose tip or a nasal septum cartilage that is projecting. Nose reshaping can reduce the cartilage and this procedure is typically very effective. The reduction of a pointed nose can change the balance of the face by reducing the nose size and rounding off the tip. Recovery and down time for this rhinoplasty procedure is not as long as for some other procedures.

Bulbous Tip
A nose with a bulbous tip can make the nose look too wide or too large and is caused by the shape of the lower lateral cartilages. This type of nose can be corrected with Rhinoplasty relatively easily by giving the cartilages a new shape.

Flat or Wide Bridge
Noses that are broad or flat are common to certain ethnicities such as Asians, Hispanics and Africans. To change the contour of the nose when a patient has a flat bridge, a procedure called Augmentation Rhinoplasty can be performed. This procedure may use bridge implants. Reducing the nasal bridge width and adjusting the nose tip and base can result in a new facial look for a patient. The patient should be aware of this before having the surgery.