Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Cosmetic Surgery Trends that will Surprise You

Cosmetic surgery is an area that is constantly evolving. Each year patients have more choices for getting the appearance that they want for their faces and bodies. Procedures are also becoming easier and less evasive. Here are some of the latest trends.

You Can Change Your Eye Color
Eyes are one of the most prominent features of the human face. Beautiful eyes instantly attract attention. Have you ever thought that you might look more attractive or interesting with a different eye color? Now it is possible to change the color of your eyes – and not just with colored contacts. A surgeon can change the color with ocular implants that create a new look for your iris.

Millennials Using Injectables
Because they have grown up in the age of social media, millennials are very conscious of their appearance and want to look their best on profiles.  They are using injectables like Juvederm and Botox to help prevent aging. These treatments have the benefit of minimal recovery and no downtime. But caution needs to be taken to prevent the overdone look that can actually cause a young person’s face to appear older rather than younger.

Kybella Injections
Kybella injections, which are fat melting injections, are usually used to reduce double chins but are also starting to be used for other areas of the body such as rolls on the back, knees and more.  A topical treatment for localized fat, called “The Topokine Latanoprost Topical,” is another option that is being discussed.

Fat Grafting
Fat grafting, or fat transfers, are one of the latest trends that can help you to get a fuller face, buttocks, breasts and more. Fat grafting involves relocating your own fat cells to other areas of the body.  No foreign objects are put into the body and the procedure is relatively safe.

During the grafting procedure, the body of the patient is analyzed for best fat cells to harvest. Using tumescent liposuction, the cells are removed and purified. The fat cells are then relocated and formed to fit the new area to which they are transferred.

Many people think that dimples look cute. Did you know that you can get them with a fast and easy procedure?  No scars are visible after the procedure is done because the incisions are made inside of the cheek. This procedure is called a Dimplectomy.

Which of the above procedures do you find the most fascinating?