Recovery From Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Nose Job Recovery Time – Rhinoplasty

Your rhinoplasty surgeon will discuss your nose surgery and what to expect during the nose job recovery time. Including aftercare tips about your rhinoplasty recovery.

People heal differently but it is good to follow some guidelines that will help you to recover as quickly as possible and without any complications.

The main reasons for getting rhinoplasty surgery include feeling better about how you look and being able to breathe more easily.

Here are some tips for recovery from rhinoplasty (nose job recovery).

1.  Enlist Assistance
After the surgery, you will not be able to drive, so make arrangements for someone to drive you home. Also, have someone assist you at home for the first couple of days after the surgery to help you to get drinks and soft food and remind you when you need to take medications.

2.  Healing After Rhinoplasty
Nicotine slows down healing, so avoid smoking for 3-4 weeks before and after surgery. To reduce swelling while you sleep, elevate your head. Sleep promotes healing, so rest and sleep whenever you can, especially when you feel tired or sleepy.

Consult with your surgeon before you take any medication. If your nose feels stuffy, decongestants may give you relief, but you should avoid blowing your nose for at least a week. Remember that rhinoplasty recovery time can vary and you will look different once you are healed.

3.  Your Diet
For the first couple of weeks, eat only soft foods. To reduce fluid retention in the nasal tips, it is best to eat a low-salt diet and to start this diet the day before surgery. Eat healthy, mild foods that you can easily consume and brush your teeth gently.

4.  Limit Physical Activity
After surgery, avoid workouts, heavy lifting or straining for at least three weeks. Also, be conscious of things that may bump your nose such as bed-mates, pets, children or doors. Avoid swimming during your recovery from rhinoplasty.

Humor is good for the spirit and for healing, but do not smile too wide or laugh too hard! While you are recovering, the less you move your face, the better.

5.  What to Wear
Avoid wearing shirts or sweaters that need to be pulled over your head, which can bump your nose. Instead, wear tops that can be buttoned in the front, are comfortable and easy to put on and remove.

Wearing hats and sunscreen for several months after the rhinoplasty will help to prevent swelling and aid healing. Also, using lip balm will help to keep your mouth moist when you breathe through your mouth.

6.  Wearing Glasses
Many people wear glasses and want to continue to wear them after facial surgery. RhinoShield® is a physician-recommended translucent device that allows people to wear glasses following facial surgeries such as rhinoplasty.
RhinoShield® reduces swelling and indentations on the nose and promotes a comfortable and safe healing.

Follow this link to learn more about how you can promote your recovery from rhinoplasty using RhinoShield®.