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A day on the ranch

Old Tex was having a rough time. He was continually walking into fence posts, shoveling substances other than hay to his livestock (phew!) and having trouble distinguishing between MaryBelle (his wife) and BettyAnn (his daughter).

Finally, MaryBelle took Old Tex aside and asked him what was going on. Tex just shook his head and replied sadly. “I just cain’t wear my seeing eyeglasses since my nose job. The doc said that they would damage these here nose tissues. And so, I just don’t know what to do.

MaryBelle thought for a moment and said, “Wait here. I may have a solution to your problem. Tex smiled at MaryBelle (now that he knew for sure that it was she) and said, “Okay, I’ll wait right here for ‘ya.”

A few minutes later, MaryBelle returned with a big smile plastered on her face. She sat Old Tex down in his rocking chair and gently patted one of his large, suntanned and calloused hands.

“There’s this here new thingamajig on the market. It’s called RhinoShield and it’s for guys just like you who have had nose jobs and wear glasses. I’ve ordered a package of them for you. You put it on your nose and, presto! You can wear your glasses immediately!”

Old Tex was flabbergasted and delighted. “When will they be here?” he asked.

“Probably Tuesday or Wednesday next,” she replied. We’ll have you as good as new in two shakes of a bunny’s tail.”

Just as she promised, the RhinoShields appeared in their mailbox, Old Tex gently placed one on his nose and life on the ranch returned to normal. Tex wore his glasses once again, the livestock got their proper food and they all lived happily ever after.