What’s wrong with rhinoplasty?

For those of you planning or dreading rhinoplasty, it may serve as a relief to learn that you’re in good company. When you search the Internet for celebrity nose jobs, it’s full of generally famous people to relative newcomers in the famousness business.

You can probably create a list that will be somewhat accurate. It should contain the obvious, Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson. But what you may find amusing or curious is that many movie stars staunchly refuse to admit that they have had any form of cosmetic surgery. Depending on where you look, you can find many who have had obvious or less than obvious nose jobs.

It might be fun to speculate on why this is a difficult procedure (or procedures) to which to confess. Does it mean that I wasn’t perfect before, but I am now, although I won’t say why? Does it mean that I’m vain, something to which I never want to confess? Or maybe it signifies that I didn’t like me before, but I love me now.

You may be wondering why it’s fashionable to deny that you’ve ever had cosmetic surgery. It’s no different than Botox or liposuction and arguably, both of those produce much more obvious results. Perhaps the answer is that as much as we’ve evolved as a free-thinking, accepting and progressive society, the idea of cosmetic surgery remains one of unnecessary money and time. Our earliest teachings include self-acceptance, no matter what that may entail.

And so, if you are planning a rhinoplasty for other than medical reasons, it’s your choice to disclose what you do. You may want to consider being proud of doing something positive about the face that you present to the world. Don’t apologize, don’t make excuses and take ownership of the fact that you want to improve your appearance.

By all means, plan on wearing your glasses following your surgery, thanks to RhinoShields. More and more doctors are providing these to their rhinoplasty patients for the sake of eliminating the possibility of damage to sensitive tissues. Relax, celebrate your new face and don’t apologize to anyone!