A valuable lesson

It was a fifth-grade literacy and vocabulary class. Mrs. Wordright made it a point to have students bring in their own words to stump fellow students.

“Perspicacious,” volunteered the first student.

“Something your body does when you work out?”

“No, that’s not it.” The student then defined the word for his class.

“Manifest,” said student two.

“Does it mean a guy pigging out?”

“No, that’s not it,” responded the second student. She then explained what the word meant.

Finally, one student walked to the front. She stopped their and uttered, “RhinoShields.”

“Oh, I know!” The student stood, large smile on her face. “It’s something you take on safari, to protect yourself from rhinos.”

“No,” the girl sadly explained. “RhinoShields have nothing to do with safaris or wild animals. They are very clever and valuable plastic devices that allow people to wear glasses after nose or other facial surgeries. You may never need them. But if you or someone else needs RhinoShields, it’s good to know that they are available.”

The class agreed that this was a great concept and terrific invention.

With that, the next student introduced his word challenge, the word “rhinoplasty.”