Are elective surgeries really optional?

Your nose is too big. Your nose is too small. Or it’s too round, too flat, too long, too short or too weird. Your forehead is wrong, your cheeks are too pronounced, and so on.

You begin the meetings and consultations with a cosmetic surgery or two or three. One will do it, predicting uncertain results. Another won’t do it at all. And yet another promises that you’ll resemble Benedict Cumberbatch or Taylor Swift.

Your work has now begun, in terms of justifying the procedure. If it’s safe, will probably cause you to look the way you want and it’s affordable, what’s the problem? Throughout history, people have subjected themselves and others to much more pain for much less reward.

Be certain to do substantial research. Check your physician’s credentials, compare costs and see if your health insurance will cover any or all charges.

Finally, if you wear glasses, you will want to speak with your doctor or with us about RhinoShields. Thanks to the unique design and advantages of RhinoShields, you can resume wearing glasses without fear of damaging sensitive nose tissues. Your life is made simpler, your routing will continue and life with your new, improved face will be that much better.

Don’t let anyone convince you that vanity is bad or that it’s wrong for you to consider plastic surgery. Make your life happy while you can and do what makes you feel the best.