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All nose jobs are the same, right?

Are you one of the people who believe this outdated information? If you do, you might also be thinking that all cars have clutches or that your bicycle has to have a basket to be safe. Maybe it’s time to get to the present before you consider a rhinoplasty or its appropriateness for you or a loved one.

For one, there are two major categories of rhinoplasty. One is external, and the other is internal or endonasal. In the first case, the surgeon will create a small access incision on the underside of your nose, between your nostrils. In the second case, incisions are made inside the nasal passage.

 There are advantages to each method. In the first case, advocates say that it creates a smaller scar and makes the nose fully open for surgical manipulation. Those who advise the endonasal method say that it makes more limited dissection of your nasal tissues necessary and eliminates the visible scars.

These are examples of the many considerations. You’ll need to discuss such items as medical conditions, past and present, as well as your allergies and meds that you take.

Most of the time, rhinoplasty is done as an outpatient procedure, but you should prepare for an overnight stay if necessary. You should also prepare to check your physician’s credentials and discuss such things as outcomes to anticipate, your financial investment in the procedure, types of anesthesia, how you need to prepare for the surgery, etc.

You see, this is not the same as removing your tonsils or having wisdom teeth removed. While we have new technologies and improved outcomes, the decision to proceed with your rhinoplasty should encompass many details and considerations.

Before we forget, you can plan on wearing your glasses after rhinoplasty, thanks to RhinoShields. This is an ingenious product, developed by someone who needed to wear glasses following her rhinoplasty. It allows glasses to rest comfortably on your nose, without danger of damaging sensitive nasal tissues.

No, not all nose jobs (rhinoplasties) are alike. But you can feel confident that technology, medical advances and devices such as RhinoShields will minimize your discomfort and maximize your sense of security.