Back in the day….

What did we do if we wore glasses and had to undergo rhinoplasty or other facial surgeries? This was in the days before RhinoShields and the terrific, ingenious protection that they provide.

The worst option was to wear glasses on the post-surgical nose, sometimes damaging tissues. Sometimes this resulted in another surgery. Ouch!

Was taping glasses to your forehead another option? Probably not. The tape is icky and had to be reapplied every time you removed and replaced your glasses.

You probably didn’t want to staple glasses to your ears. While it may be a new take on piercing, you would need to staple yourself too many times and water would begin to turn your head into a lawn sprinkler.

Remember the head gear you wore for your braces? Maybe you could create a strappy cap device with loops for eyeglasses. It wouldn’t be too bad if you were the only one who had to look at the device.

Hiring an assistant to hold your glasses on your face above th3e nose is another alternative. But that’s a bit expensive and unless you had 24/7 aides, you still couldn’t see properly for many hours of the day.

Fortunately, you have RhinoShields to solve the problem. They’re lightweight, translucent and affordable. They do their job of eliminating stress on your tender nose, allowing you to live your normal life. Happy day!