Rhinoplasty Results

How Patients Can Anticipate the Look of their Rhinoplasty Results

Rhinoplasty creates a permanent change to a nose and patients should be as prepared as possible before the procedure by doing research and talking to their surgeon to know what to expect. Here are some ways that patients can anticipate the look of their rhinoplasty results as well as results for other cosmetic surgeries.

One of the most common ways that patients can anticipate the look of their new nose is by looking at before-and-after photographs. Patients should be able to look at many photographs from their surgeon to get a sense of what results they can expect. They should also be able to see pictures of noses wanted by previous patients compared with their actual surgery results.

In addition to photographs, there are also simulators, apps and computer imaging software that can help patients to know how they will look with their rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgery results. Of course, none of these methods are perfect indicators for how patients will look but they give patients a good idea.

One online simulator that patients can try is the Plastic Surgery Simulator which works with Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. The simulator allows people to upload photos, pick a surgery type and show them how they might look after surgery.

Another way that patients can experiment with new appearances is by using iPhone apps. An app such as FotoRus can help them to see what they could look like with a thinner nose.

Computer Imaging
Computer imaging software can also be used during a consultation to show the current face and how it may change with cosmetic surgery. However, it is still important for patients to see before-and-after photos as well.

What methods is your practice using to show patients the results they can expect with cosmetic surgery?

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