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The Latest News in Plastic Surgery

At RhinoShield, we want to be more than a product website. Through our new blog, we will bring you the latest news in plastic surgery.

  • Allure magazine recently did an article about plastic surgery gifts for graduates. “Cosmetic treatments as graduation gifts are definitely on the rise, and in my experience, they’re not without merit,” says New York City dermatologist Shereene Idriss. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, millennials aged 19-34 accounted for 17.6 percent of the total aesthetic procedures performed in 2016.
  • Rhinoplasty [nose job] is a huge graduation gift — my summers are booked solid with young people getting this surgery before starting a new gig,” says Dara Liotta, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New York City.
  • According to WPLGLocal10.com, people in Miami are increasingly turning to plastic surgery to improve their selfies. “We’re actually seeing ourselves right there on the screen, and looking at ourselves much more closely than we ever have before,“ Dr. Jacob Steiger, a plastic surgeon, said. “Ten years ago, we were looking at photo albums, now we see ourselves in real time, live, all the time.“
    “Some of my patients see others on Instagram or Facebook, ‘Oh I like this lip or nose,’ they come in and say ‘I wish my nose looked like this or more contoured or my lips were more enhanced,’” Steiger said.
  • NewBeauty magazine reports that bridesmaids are being asked to do plastic surgery. While we often see bridesmaids and their whole wedding party come in for med spa services including facials and Botox, I find it uncommon that we have bridesmaids coming in for plastic surgery procedures requiring the risk of general anesthesia and surgical downtime. While it is a wonderful and amazing gift for the bride to offer to pay for her bridesmaids to have plastic surgery, I believe surgery should be not taken lightly and each person should have their own procedure done if and when it is their preference—not simply because of an upcoming wedding at the request of the bride.”