How to build a rhinoplasty

It’s a frosty winter day and you’ve run out of creative and productive things to do with your time. You’ve decided that instead of playing with Legos or Lincoln Logs, you’re going to build a rhinoplasty. It’s a bit strange but you never know how much fun something is going to be until you try it.

First thing is that you need a nose. It doesn’t matter what kind of nose it is – light or dark, large or small, straight or crooked – any nose will do. If your nose is fine as is, consider some other facial surgery that’s close to a rhinoplasty. For the purposes of doing this activity, absolute accuracy is unnecessary.

Next, you’ll need to find a doctor to perform your imaginary surgery. Let’s call him Dr. Fixyerface. Or we can pick Dr. Prestochango or Dr. Newgoodnose. Any of these will work for the purposes of our game.

Once you’ve consulted with your doctor, you’ll want to report any medical conditions that you have such as high blood pressure, allergies, diabetes, toenail fungus or otherwise. Be certain that you report any and all of these conditions to your doctor. He (or she) will give you a reasonable idea as to the anesthesia that will be used, the amount of time needed and recovery expectations.

You’re almost ready. Remember to notify those around you that you’ll expect them to “Ooh” and “Aah” after they see your new face. Don’t make any plans for that night or several days thereafter.

And here’s the important piece. Expect to wear your glasses as soon after surgery as your doctor says that you can. Thanks to RhinoShields, you can slap one of those babies on your nose and resume wearing glasses without fear of damaging tissues or requiring a new imaginary surgery.

Change this game as you see fit. At the very least, it’s good practice in the event that you really do need cosmetic surgery of some kind. Enjoy!