The Special Rhinoplasty

For the sake of not taking ourselves or our vanity too seriously, let’s back up a minute and take a fresh look at rhinoplasty. Yes, we know that you are not necessarily undergoing the rhinoplasty to improve your appearance. In many cases, the procedure is medically necessary, for a variety of reasons.

Let’s change it up a bit a and imagine that we’re doing a rhinoplasty for your beloved dog, Fifi. She’s pretty self-conscious about her oversized snout and is subject of much criticism and teasing from the other dogs on the block.

So, after much pleading and persuasion, you have elected to let Fifi undergo her caninoplasty. She’s very excited about the procedure although she has some anxiety about the anesthesia. The last time she had any type of sedation, she had that chip inserted.

You’ll make certain that she has no food after 7:00 pm the night before and you take her to the vet for her big day. She looks sadly at you, showing her apprehension as the vet tech escorts her into the room for the procedure. And now you wait.

Barely an hour later, the vet emerges from the operating room, smiling and advising that the surgery was successful, Fifi was a champion and she now has a brand new schnoz. She’s a bit woozy and has bandages that display her bravery but she accompanies you to the car for rest and recuperation.

Before you know it, Fifi is proudly parading through the neighborhood, brandishing her new face. Breathing has improved, self-esteem is tremendous and you made it happen. If you had apprehensions about your own rhinoplasty, Fifi has proven that it is easily managed, with terrific consequences. She doesn’t wear glasses so she won’t need RhinoShields, but you do and it will be advantageous to resume wearing glasses immediately.

For as long as you and Fifi are a team, you can feel good about her decision to contribute to her self-esteem. Your procedure should produce similar results and you’ll be back to your old self very quickly.