Once upon a time there was a young girl named Penelope. She was a sweet and intelligent girl who attended school every day, worked very hard and completed all of her homework on time. Her teachers knew that she was a dedicated and very smart girl who was destined to be successful when she grew up.

One sad day, Penelope learned that she had to have surgery on her little nose in order to improve her breathing. Penelope was distraught because she wore glasses and her doctor had warned that she wouldn’t be able to wear her glasses after the surgery.

Penelope begged and pleaded. “Please don’t do this surgery! I’ll do breathing exercises to make my nose work better. I’ll do anything at all. Please don’t make me do this.”

The doctor understood and explained that it would be a simple procedure and she would be as good as new in a short time. He promised that he would tell her as soon as it was safe to begin wearing her glasses again.

Penelope was heartbroken and wandered throughout her home, going silently from one room to another. Finally, she ventured to her back yard and sat down upon a bench that was under the huge maple tree. Mulch to her surprise, a glass bottle was on the ground next to her bench.

She had read enough stories about magic genies and through she had nothing to lose, so she furiously rubbed the bottle. Suddenly and happily, the genie appeared and immediately took a seat next to Penelope.

“You look sad, Penelope. What’s wrong” said the genie.

“I’m having surgery on my nose and won’t be able to wear my glasses. School is very important to me and I won’t be able to do my homework without glasses.” Big, fat tears began to roll down her face.

“Don’t worry, Penelope. I have magic to share with you. The magic is RhinoShields and they can be placed on your nose as soon as your doctor says it’s safe. Before you know it, you’ll be able to wear your glasses again.”

“Oh, Genie. You’re the best. You’ve solved all of my problems. How can I ever thank you?”

“Just continue being the wonderful girl that you are. That’s all the thanks I need.”

With that, the genie disappeared, returning quickly to the glass bottle.

Penelope’s problems were solved. She made certain to tell her doctor about RhinoShields, he had them ready for her and everyone lived happily ever after.