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The surgery store

We’re alive and well in the twenty-second century. Those who read about our ancestors learn all about the primitive procedures that they employed to self-improve. Can it be that rhinoplasty and nose jobs were complicated and often painful surgeries that required hospitalization? Let’s come back

On the nose

You are already familiar with the serious side of rhinoplasty. It requires a cosmetic or other type of surgeon, a stay in the hospital and some time to heal. You’re also aware that the advantages of RhinoShields are the ability to regain the use of your glasses. And so, there’s ...

Nosing around

There’s nothing inherently amusing about noses, nose jobs or rhinoplasty. But for a change of pace, it might be fun and interesting to see how often the nose appears in conversation and literature. Here are some extremely relevant comments about noses. Mathematics are well and good, but Nature kee

Miscellaneous rhinoplasty data

Did you know that women in the middle ages had their noses removed as symbols of promiscuity or disobedience? In the 10th century, the Kingdom of Jerusalem punished adultery by cutting off the nose. As recently as 2010. Time Magazine published a story about a 12-year old girl who was ...

Celebrity nose jobs

If you’re in the process of planning rhinoplasty or other cosmetic surgery, you’re likely to be in one category or another. You’re doing it for purely cosmetic reasons or because your doctor has recommended it for a physical condition. No matter the reason, it might be fun to check out ...

History of Nose Jobs, Part One

Because this is the RhinoShields website, it makes good sense that those who stop here are planning a rhinoplasty or recovering from one. If neither of those is true, welcome anyway! The twentieth or twenty-first centuries are not the only ones that have witnessed nasal surgeries. As it turns out, .

Rhonda Shoehorn

Rhonda Shoehorn was a normal, average office worker who spent her days in a traditional office. Every day, she got out of bed, took a shower, applied a bit of make-up, ate a light breakfast, put on her glasses and went to work. Once she arrived at work, Rhonda Shoehorn ...

Handset and Gigabyte

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived two adorable young people, a boy and a girl. His name was Handset and hers was Gigabyte. They lived in a small village and spent a great deal of time together, wandering through the forest and learning what they ...


Once upon a time there was a young girl named Penelope. She was a sweet and intelligent girl who attended school every day, worked very hard and completed all of her homework on time. Her teachers knew that she was a dedicated and very smart girl who was destined to ...

A fairy tale

Once upon a time a young boy named Smart Nose was walking through the forest. He wasn’t looking for anything or anyone in particular but thought he would spend the day admiring the trees and flowers and small animals that inhabited the forest. All of a sudden Smart Nose took ...